Glycerin Vegetable USP 99.7%


Country of origin: Malaysia


Vegetable Glycerin, also known as Vegetable Glycerin, Vegetable Glycerol, or simply Glycerol, is a transparent, colorless and unscented viscous liquid derived from the oils of plants such as Coconut, Palm, or Soy. Conversely, non-vegan Glycerin is derived from animal fats. Although ancient civilizations used botanical matter in both culinary and medicinal applications, Vegetable Glycerin was never used in such early times and is a rather modern substance, the extraction of which only began in the 20th century. It is traditionally also used in the food industry to replace alcohol and to artificially sweeten foods (dairy products, fudge, candy, baked goods, cereals, pasta, meat, processed fruits and vegetables, egg products, soups, sauces, condiments, and fish products) without causing blood sugar levels to rise, making it ideal for those with diabetes. Sometimes it is also used to uphold moisture content and to promote better fusion between oil- and water-based components.