Tormentilla Root Tea Bag


Botanical NamePotentille tormentilla

Common Name:

  • English: Tormentilla
  • Also, known as: Shepherd's Knapperty, Shepherd's Knot, Septfoil, Thormantle, Biscuits, Bloodroot, Five Fingers, Flesh and Blood, English Sarsaparilla, Earthbank, Ewe Daisy, and Earth Bank., Biscuits, Bloodroot, Cinquefoil, Earthbank, English Sarsaparilla, Ewe Daisy, Flesh and Blood, Potentielle Droite, Potentille, Potentille Dressée, Potentilla, Potentilla erecta, Potentilla tormentilla, Potentille Tormentille, Septfoil, Shepherd's Knapperty, Shepherd's Knot, Thormantle, Tormentilla, Tormentillae Rhizoma, Tormentille

Origin: Ukraine

Harvested: Wild or cultivated 

Parts Used: Root