Red Clover Tops Tea Bag


Botanical NameTrifolium pratense

Common Name:

  • English: Red clover
  • Unani: Ispast, Berseem, Clover 
  • Also, known as: Aasristik, Aka Kurooba, Aka Tsumekusa, Akerklee, Basim Ahmar, Beebread, Broad-Leaved Clover, Cow Clover, Creeping Clover, Cleaver Grass, Cow Grass, Hong San Ye Cao, Hong Hua San Ye Cao, Hong Che Zhou Cao, Klever Krasnyi, Klever Lugovoi, Moscino, Meadow Clover, Peavine Clover, Puna-Apila, Purple Clover, Red Clover, Red-Klover, Redo Kurooba, Ribah, Rode Klaver, Rodklover, Rodklover, Rot-Od-Kopklee, Rothe Kleeblumen, Rother Klee, Rother Wiesen-Klee, Rotklee, Rod-Klee, Triolet, Trebol, Trebol Common, Trebol Rojo, Trebol Violeta, Trefle Common, Trefle Des Pres, Trefle Rouge, Trefle Violet, Trefoil, Trevor, Trevo-Dos-Prados, Trevovioleto, Trifoglio Pratense, Trifoglio Violetto, Wild Red Clover, Wiesen-Klee, Wiesenklee, and Trepatra (Punjab).

Habitat: Native to Europe. Found worldwide 

Origin:  Albania

Harvested: Cultivated

Parts Used: Flower head