Queen of the Meadow (Gravel) Root Powder


Botanical NameEupatorium purpureum

Common Name:

  • English: Queen of the Meadow
  • Also, known as: Gravel Root, Kidney Root, Joe-Pye Weed, Trumpet Weed, Purple Boneset

Habitat: USA and Canada


Harvested: Wild or cultivated

Parts Used: Root                                                                 

General Information:

Eupatorium purpureum, is an erect, herbaceous perennial plant which grows up to 7 feet tall, 3-4 feet wide and usually unbranched. Found in low meadows, woods, gravelly lots, and near water. The central stem is light green and glabrous, except where the whorls of leaves of occurring, where it is slightly swollen and purple. The leaves, from three to five at a joint, are broad, rough and jagged. The leaves are about 6" long and 3½" across, or sometimes larger; they are broadly lanceolate or ovate and crenate-serrated along the margins. Each leaf is dull green and hairless on the upper surface; the lower surface is pale green and hairless to finely pubescent. Clusters of dull pink, lavender, or white florets bloom late summer to early fall. Flowers are very attractive to butterflies.

The entire plant, in fact, is used in native medicine, with the roots being the strongest part. It is the official part, with a fragrance resembling that of old hay, and slightly bitter, an aromatic taste which is faintly astringent but not unpleasant. Crushed leaves have an apple scent and can be dried, then burned to repel flies.


How to use:

Powdered Herb:

There are different ways to use the powdered herb.

Food Preparation: You can add powdered herbs to any superfood, herbal smoothie, sauces, spreads, and even cookies. Also for children, you can mix powdered herbs with honey or glycerin to make a paste. The thicker the paste, the more potent and herbal in taste. The sweet taste of honey and glycerin will help the medicine go down. This method is also known as "Electuaries".

Capsules: Encapsulating your own powdered herb at home, give you an assurance that the contents of the capsules are pure herb and no filler or any other products. These capsules can be taken with liquid.

Poultice: Poultice can be made with an herbal powder and liquid (mostly water) to form a paste which is then applied to the skin. This method is very helpful for skin conditions.

Herbal shot: Powdered herb can be mixed with water, fruit juice or other liquid to make the herbal shot. 


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