Fumitory Herb Cut


Botanical NameFumaria officinalis

Common Name:

  • English: Beggary, Earth Smoke, Shahtara, Pitpapado
  • Also, known as:  Fleur de Terre, Fumaria, Fumaria officinalis, Fumée de Terre, Fumeterre, Fumeterre Officinale, Fumiterry, Fumus, Hedge Fumitory, Herba Fumariae, Herbe à la Jaunisse, Herbe à la Veuve, Vapor, Wax Dolls,Shahtara, Shahtaraj, Shaatiraj, Vanshulfa, Shotara, Pitpapra, Pittapapada, Pitpapado, Pittapapado, Pitpapra, Papara, Shahtara, Kallu Sabasige, Parpatu, Tzu hua ti ting, Common Fumitory, Earth-smoke, Vapor, Beggary, Fum’e de terre, Ackerraute, Echter Erdrauch, Erdgalle, Gemeiner Erdrauch, Kratzheil, Traubenkerbel,  Chaturasigide, Shahtar, Pittapapada, Shatra, Parpat, Shahtara, Shahtarak, Shahtara, Pittapapara, Yavana Parpata, Parpata, Suksmapatra and Shahtara.

Origin:  Bulgaria

Harvested: Cultivated

Parts Used:  Aerial part                                                            

General Information:

The hollow, angular stem is light green or greenish-brown. The leaves are alternate, bipinnatisect with 2 or 3 leaf segments, the ultimate lobes lanceolate to obovate, they are greenish-blue and glabrous on both surfaces. The flowers are small and occur in loose racemes, each has a short pedicel and is subtended by a leafy bract, they are pink to purplish-red, dark purple to brown at the apex, the calyx is short, composed of 2 petalloid sepals and the corolla is tubular with 4 petals, the upper petal slightly spurred, there are 6 stamens united by their filaments into 2 groups of 3. The greenish-brown, indehiscent fruits are globular or keel-shaped, truncated or slightly emarginate at the apex, and each contains a small brown seed.

How to use:

Hot Infusion:

The basic method for dried herbs and flower is, take 2-3 tablespoons of dried herb in a cup or teapot. Pour hot water over it and cover it with lid for 10-30 minutes. Hot water is needed to draw out the antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins, flavonoids, and volatile oils from the botanicals. Strain and squeeze out as much as liquid as possible and enjoy!


  • You can sweeten your herbal tea with a bit of honey, natural fruit juice, stevia leaves powder and or licorice root powder.
  • You can make ice cubes or pops by freezing tea in ice trays or pop molds.


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