Coptis Root Whole


Botanical Name: Coptis chinensis

Common Name:

  • English:  Golden thread, Huáng Lián
  • Also, known as:  Chinese goldthread, ch’uan-lien, coptis, coptis rhizome, gold thread, huang lian, huang-lien, huánglián, oren, Perlenschnur, weilian, Coptis, coptis rhizome, oren, Coptis, gold thread, huang lian, huang-lien, huánglián, yalian

Origin: China

Parts Used: Root

General Information:

The rhizome is curved, gathered in a cluster and resembles “chicken feet”, 3–
6cm long and 3–8mm in diameter. Rough, greyish-yellow or yellowish-brown
surface, bearing irregular protrusions, rootlets, and rootlet remnants. Apex often
bearing remains of stem or petiole. The texture is hard and fractures unevenly. The bark is orange-red or dark brown; wood brightly yellow or orange-yellow. Pith, sometimes hollowed.


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