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Capsule Filler - Manual , Size 00


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  • You can make your own capsules easily and quickly
  • Makes 50 capsules in a quick time.
  • Two popular sizes available – 00 and 0 capsule size
  • Works well with gelatin and vegetarian capsule shells
  • It is  an ideal solution for those that do not like taste of powder products
  • The Cap.M.Quik capsule manual filler kits have everything you need to quickly make your own capsule products.
  • Ideal for people who prefer swallowing pills than taking powdered products.
  • The Kit contains a spreader card to easily fill capsules. Look for an appropriately sized tamper for easier capsule making.
  • Easily works with empty shell capsules and powder products to make your own capsules.

Filling material rates - Vary on powder densities:

  • 0 holds 400 - 807 mg
  • 00 holds 530 - 1099 mg