Boswellia Pieces


Botanical Name: Boswellia serrata  

Common Name:

  • English: Indian Frankincense, Indian Olibanum
  • Ayurvedic: Shallaki, Susravaa
  • Unani: Kundur
  • Also, known as: Gajabhakshyaa, Sallaki Salai, Gum kunduru, Salai guggul, Kungli, Parangisambirani, Luban, Salgai, Shaledum, Madimar, Kunturukkam, Salai gonda, Parangi sambrani, Anduga, Kondagugi tamu, Samprani, Tallaki, Maddi, Saleda, Labana, Saladi, Saledhi, Alberodell’incenso, anduga, arbore à encerns, boswellia, boswellie-dentelee, chilakdupa, dhupelio, dhup-gugali, dhupdo, fan hun hsiang, fan hunshu, gajabhakshya, gandhabiroz, gobahr shalla, husn-e-lubban, Indian frankincense tree, Indian olibanum, Indischerweihrauch, kapitthaprani, kondagugi tamu, kondor, koonkanadhoopam, kundre, kundrikam, kundur, kundur luban, kunduru, kunthreekan, labana, loban, loban zakar, lobhan, luban-dacar, luban dhakar, madi, madimar, pahadi, parangisambrani, parangisampirani, saladi, salai, Salaibaum, salai cha dink, salai gonad, salai guggal, salakhi, saleda, saledhi, saledo, salgai, sallaki, sambrani, samprani, sanlaki, shaledum, shallaki, susrava, tallaki, vishesha dhoop, visheshdhup, zarw and Ru xiang

Habitat: Dry forest and peninsular India

Origin: India

Harvested: Wild

Parts Used: Resin

General Information:

Boswellia serrata is a moderate to large size deciduous tree about 15-18 meters tall and up to 2-2.5 meters in girth. The purified extract of the gum resin tapped from the tree trunk and is then stored in specially made bamboo basket for removal of oil content and getting the resin solidified. After processing the gum resin is then graded according to its flavor, color, shape, and size.

This gum -resin contain 30-65% resin, 5-15% essential oils which are soluble in the organic solvent. Gum resin have been traditionally used in folk medicine for centuries to treat various chronic diseases. Boswell is one of the most ancient and respected herbs in Ayurveda. Boswell is aromatic granular and translucent.

The gum and oil also used in cosmetics, perfumes, and skin care products. These have also been used as an adhesive, as an ingredient for cosmetic preparation, as a fragrance in daily rituals and in religious ceremonies.

Boswellia serrata is generally taken as a capsule, tablet, or its bark decoction orally. 


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