Bloodroot Cut


Botanical Name:  Sanguinaria canadensis

Common Name:

  • English: Blood Root, Bloodroot Cut
  • Also, known as: Sanguinaire, kanadisches blutkraut, Sanguinaria, Red puccoon, Tatterwort, sanguinariat, Red Indian Paint, Red paint root, Indian plant, Blood root, pauson, Indian paint, Blood Root, Bloodwort, Coon Root, Indian Plant, Indian Red Paint, Pauson, Red Indian Paint, Red Puccoon, Red Root, Sang-Dragon, Sang de Dragon, Sanguinaire, Sanguinaire du Canada, Sanguinaria, Sanguinaria canadensis, Snakebite, Sweet Slumber, Tetterwort.

Habitat: North America

Origin: USA

Harvested:  Wild

Parts Used: Root

General Information:

Sanguinaria canadensis is a perennial, herbaceous flowering plant native to eastern North America and can reach only 6-8 inches in height. It has one large basal leaf, up to 12 cm (4.7 in) across, with five to nine lobes. The leaves and flowers sprout from a reddish rhizome with bright orange sap that grows at or slightly below the soil surface. The leaves are cordate and located close to the ground. The flower bloom from March to May depending on the regions and weather. They have 8-12 delicate white petals and yellow stamens, and two sepals under the petals, which fall off after the flowers open.

The rhizomes grow longer each year, and branch to form colonies. Plants start to bloom before the foliage unfolds in early spring. After blooming the leaves expand to their full size and go summer dormant in mid to late summer. The rhizome produces red juice in fresh condition, and when dry, it’s brown-colored on the surface and yellow inside.

How to use:       

Decoctions are suitable for roots, barks, large seeds & berries, and other dense material. The simple way to make decoction is, in a saucepan, add 1 tablespoon of dried herbs to 1 cup of water. Bring the water to boil, reduce heat and simmer for 30-60 minutes. Strain and squeeze out as much as liquid as possible and enjoy!


  • You can sweeten your herbal decoctions with a bit of honey, natural fruit juice, stevia leaves powder and or licorice root powder.


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