Black Nightshade Herb Tea Bag


Botanical NameSolanum nigrum

Common Name:

  • English: European black nightshade, Nightshade, Blackberry nightshade,
  • Also, known as: Common Nightshade, Makoi, poison berry, yerba mora, Silverleaf nightshade, desert nightshade, western or white horse nettle, Horse or bull nettle, Carolina horse nettle, Jimson weed, Datura, sacred Datura, thorn apple, Indian apple, tolguacha,

Origin: Eurasia & Africa

Harvested: Wild 

Parts Used: Entire plant

General Information:

Solanum nigrum commonly known as Makoi or black nightshade, usually grows as a weed in moist habitats in different kinds of soils, including dry, stony, shallow, or deep soils, and can be cultivated in tropical and subtropical agro climatic regions by sowing the seeds during April–May in well-fertilized nursery beds; it can be used for reclaiming the degraded land as well.