Ai Ye (Argyi Wormwood Leaf)


Botanical name: Artemisiae argyi

Common Name:

  • English:  Mugwort Leaf, Argyi Wormwood Leaf, Artemisia
  • Also, Known As:  Folium Artemisiae Argyi, 艾叶, Chinese mugwort, Argy wormwood, Ai Cao or Gaiyou, Argy Wormwood Leaf

Origin:  China

Part Used: Leaves

General Information:

Artemisia argyi is an upright, greyish, herbaceous perennialabout one metre tall, with short branches and a creeping rhizome. The stalked leaves are ovate, deeply divided and covered in small, oil-producing glands, pubescent above and densely white tomentose below. The lower leaves are about six centimetres long, bipinnate with wide lanceolate lobes and short teeth along the margins. The upper leaves are smaller and three-partite, and the bracteal leaves are simple, linear and lanceolate. The inflorescence is a narrow leafy panicle. The individual flowers are pale yellow, tubular, and clustered in spherical turned-down heads. The central flowers are bisexual while the marginal flowers are female.The leaf of perennial herbaceous plant Artemisia argyi levl. et Vant. of family Compositae.
This wormwood is a xerophile, growing on dry mountain slopes, steep river banks, the edges of oak woods, coastal scrub, wasteland and along road and railway vergesIt is grown in almost entire China. It is collected in summer when not bloom. It has fragrant smell and bitter taste. The leaves are visbly gray and white color below leaves with lots of floss.


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