Peppercorn Pink


Botanical NameSchinus terebinthifolia

Common Name:

  • English: Pink Pepper
  • Also, known as:  Baie rose, Pinkberry, Peruvian peppertree, Brazilian pepper, baies roses de Bourbon

Origin: Madagascar

Harvested: Cultivated

Parts Used: Berries

General Information:

Pink Peppercorns are dried berries of the shrub Schinus molle, commonly known as the Peruvian peppertree. They have a sweetly aromatic, fruity flavour with a note of pine. Pink Peppercorns are similar to pepper but impart a distinctively sweet, fragrant quality in food preparation. Contrary to what their name might tell you about them, pink peppercorns aren't *actually* a peppercorn. In reality, they are dried, berries from a tree. Brazilian pepper trees and Peruvian pepper trees (both of which produce these berries) are typically found in hotter climates, so areas within the U.S where you may find one of these trees are California, Arizona, Florida, and Texas. The only reason that they're named as a peppercorn is because they are similar to peppercorns in shape and flavor — at the end of the day, these bright, tiny balls are nothing more than a humble berry.

How to use:  

As a spice. 


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