Ginseng Panax Root Whole – Korean


Botanical Name: Panax ginseng

Common Name:

  • English:  Ginseng panax, Panax root
  • Also, known as: Chosen ninjin, ginseng, Ginsengwurzel, hakusan, hakushan, higeninjin, hongshen, hungseng, hungshen, hunseng, jenseng, jenshen, jinpi, kao-liseng, Korean ginseng, minjin, nhan sam, ninjin, ninzin, niuhuan, Oriental ginseng, otane ninjin, renshen, san-pi, shanshen, sheng-sai-seng, shenshaishanshen, shengshaishen, t’ang-seng, tyosenninzin, yakuyo ninjin, yakuyo ninzin, yeh-shan-seng, yuan-seng, yuanshen, Panax schinseng, Gensang, Panax, Huang shen,

Habitat: Korea, Japan, China & Asian subcontinents

Origin: North Korea 

Harvested: Cultivated

Parts Used: Root                                                                  

General Information:

Panax ginseng medicine in the Far East for over 4,000 years. Panax ginseng root is fusiform or cylindrical, the length of the roots is 1 to 20 cm long and 1 to 3 cm in diameter; the color is externally greyish yellow; upper part or entire root exhibiting sparse, shallow, interrupted, and coarse transverse striations and distinct longitudinal wrinkles. The lower part of the root bearing 1 to 5 branching lateral roots and numerous slender rootlets. Rhizomes Natural texture is relatively hard, and the color is greyish white to amber-yellow. The root has slightly sweet taste at first, followed by a slight bitterness.

How to use:   

Decoctions are suitable for roots, barks, large seeds & berries, and other dense material. The simple way to make decoction is, in a saucepan, add 1 tablespoon of dried herbs to 1 cup of water. Bring the water to boil, reduce heat and simmer for 30-60 minutes. Strain and squeeze out as much as liquid as possible and enjoy!


  • You can sweeten your herbal decoctions with bit of honey, natural fruit juice, stevia leaves powder and or licorice root powder.



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